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Mountain Bike Rentals

Cowboy Up Drop Lightroomed

At Norski Sports we spend all winter eagerly counting down the days ’til the Keystone Bike Park opens for summer. Even the best mid-winter powder days can hardly take our minds off the shortest but sweetest season here in Keystone. Yeah, it’s that awesome! Come rent a bike from Norski Sports and experience the #KeystoneBikePark for yourself. Our crew of avid mountain bikers will get you set up with protective gear and a bike that meet your experience level. From first timers to expert downhillers, our crew loves to share their intimate knowledge of the Keystone Bike Park so you have a great day on the trails!

Pads Work!

All downhill and freeride bike rentals at Norski Sports come with our full protective gear package!

Shin guards, helmet, gloves and choice of elbow guards or full upper body protection jacket included!


Full Day: $115 Online Price: $103.50

Half Day: $100 Online Price: $90

(Half day rate: 4 Hours)

The best of the best! Full-on downhill bikes. These bikes were designed to handle any terrain thrown their way. Our downhill bikes boast 8″ of floaty suspension travel to ensure you have the suspension needed no matter what trail you choose to descend. Our downhill bikes are all equipped with triple crown forks, meaning unlike traditional bikes the fork in the front of the bike goes all the way up to the handle bars creating a much more stable feel on descents. Our downhill bikes are perfect for first timers as they’re the most stable and forgiving!

Enduro DH

Full Day: $99 Online Price: $89.10

Half Day: $89 Online Price: $80.10

(Half day rate: 4 Hours)

2016 Diamondback Mission 1

Featuring a cushy full 6″ suspension, nimble 27.5 in. wheels and powerful disc brakes, the trails of the #KeystoneBikePark are yours to take! The Mission 1 is a fantastic option for first timers or experienced riders only planning on riding the green and blue trails.

This bike is not recommenced for riding Black Diamond and Double Black Diamond trails.

We also offer a 24″ tire full suspension bike from Diamondback for kids on hill riding. Available for $60 per day!

Enduro Demo

Full Day: $115 Online Price: $103.50

Half Day: $100 Online Price: $90

(Half day rate: 4 Hours)

Whether you’re looking for a day of challenging uphill climbs or you’re looking to shatter downhill Strava© records, Norski Sports has the enduro bike for you! Enduro bikes are designed to be fast all around, both climbing and descending. At Norski Sports we believe Yeti Cycles is the best in the business when it comes to building enduro bikes. Yeti Cycles is based just down the road from Keystone, Colorado in Golden, Colorado. These bikes were practically designed for the Colorado Rockies and like their slogan suggests, “Hand Built, Race Bred” these bikes are well built and screaming fast!