Bicycle Tuning & Repair

Norski Bike Tuning and Repair Information

Is your bike ready to roll? Turn to NorSki Sport Rental’s bike shop services to help keep your investment in top shape! Our bike shop employees are not only passionate about cycling, they’re also highly trained bicycle technicians skilled in bike tune up and repair. You’ll get consistent, top-quality service at NorSki Sports bicycle tuning shop.

We offer a wide range of bicycle repair services including:

Install Tube Front/Rear $10 Not including tube
Install tire Front/Rear $11 Not including Tire
Install Tubular Tire Glue/Tape – $35/$25
Adjust Brakes Front/Rear – $10 each Not including cable
Adjust Gears Front/Rear – $10 each Not including cable
Replace Cables Front/Rear Brake = $10 Not including cost of cable
Front/Rear Derailleur – $10 not including cost of cable
Both – $15 Not including cost of cables
Replace Brake Pads Front/Rear – $15 Each, not including cost of pads
Adjust Bearings Front/Rear Hub – $10 Each
Headset – $15
Both – $35
True Wheel Front/Rear  – $20 Each, Not including spokes or other materials
Bike Tune-up Standard $65
Major $85

All prices are only labor and do not include parts!

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