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Ski and Snowboard Tuning

 Quick Tunes

Quick Tunes are tunes we can have done in less than 15 minutes. Quick Tunes are done by our professional tune staff with the assistance of our top of the line tuning machines. Need a wax or an edge before hitting the hill? Our brand new Winterstieger quick waxer and edger have what it takes to get the job done.  Next time you’re at Keystone and the skis aren’t holding an edge or the board just isn’t sliding well, swing by Norski Sports, and let our tune staff give you the speediest and best tune around! 

Quick Wax: $10

Quick Edge: $10

Quick Wax and Edge: $20

Premium Tunes

Premium tunes take extra time and availability is limited, it is encouraged to leave your equipment overnight for the best finished product. Leaving your equipment overnight for a Premium Tune at Norski Sports allows our tune staff to take their time with your equipment. It also allows time for wax to be ironed on by hand, soaking deep into your bases, keeping you sliding down the hill effortlessly, time and time again. New for 2015-2016 we will be offering a Deluxe Full Tune. Deluxe Full Tunes will include a complete base repair of your equipment on our brand new fully automated Winterstieger BaseJet base repair machine. Deluxe Full Tunes will essentially leave your gear looking brand new!

Hand Wax: $20

Hand Wax and Edge: $30

Full Tune (Stone Grind, Edge and Hand Wax: $50

Deluxe Full Tune (Full Tune + Full Base Repair): $80  



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