Ski and Snowboard Tuning

Ski and Snowboard Tuning & Repair

You have invested in a great pair of snow skis, and have worked hard on perfecting your skills. To maximize performance and safety, it’s essential to regularly tune your skis. At Norski Sports, we use only the best ski tuning machines available and every ski is hand finished by a professional. A properly tuned ski will enable you to glide more efficiently, taking the pressure off your body, and more specifically, your knees. The result is smoother gliding, safer skiing.

Tuning starts with the edge of your snow skis. Poorly tuned snow skis result in slipping, sliding or skidding through turns. A precisely tuned edge will carve out your turns, allowing your ski to do what it was intended to do – to grip and to bend, and give you that much sought after “kick” from turn to turn.

Your edges are sharpend, designed to create more edge hold and glide. The base of your skis is then passed over a stone grinder, creating a distinct structure. The structure is basically a special pattern on the base of the snow ski which directs the flow of air and water passing under your ski.

Your tune is always finished with a healthy wax, an essential ingredient which nourishes the base and extends the life of your skis. When we tune your skis or snowboard, we take into account your ability and preferences, and use a combination of edge tuning, base grinding and high quality waxes.

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